About Me

A native Montrealer, I spent my whole childhood and education in Canada. I graduated from the Business School of UQAM (École des Sciences de la Gestion de l’UQAM) with a focus in Strategy & Marketing. 

I inherited from my parents the passion for all forms of art. I paint, draw, sculpt and create a lot digital art through photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Premiere (video editing and filming) etc. I appreciate all forms of art from interior design to fashion.

Although very artistic, I’m obsessed with sports and technology. In 2003, when blogs were not yet the phenomenon, I launched my first self-coded website through HTML-enabled community platforms sharing my daily adentures and love for the NHL. In 2005 I already had launched my first blog & portfolio with my own personal dot com domain & scored my first job in media production with my all-time favorite hockey team from the NHL, the Montreal Canadiens.

When I’m not working (yes I’m a workaholic), I always try to discover and learn new things.. In my projects and hobbies, I like to do things differently than the norm. I Learn, Create and Innovate while keeping myself busy by travelling, while learning new cultures, languages and experiences.

Get to know me Professionally

I consider myself as a business enhancer using my quality multi-disciplinary and international experience to make projects succeed. As a marketing consultant, I champion in creating or restructuring communication plans and creating marketing solutions for brands that are in need. I strive to encourage more entrepreneurs and individuals’ side-hustles on how to succeed online.

With the rise of Influencer Marketing and new Social Media Apps, I’ve developed the past few years a strong knowledge in assisting brands to build effective campaigns leveraging the best Influencers for each project and the right Social Media Platforms. I also strive to coach and set up brands that are currently not leveraging Social Media and Influencer Marketing to make their businesses more profitable.

Why Travel is so important for me, and in business in general…

Travel is a very important part of my life and my professional life, hence its importance to have had a section on my main page but also why I repeat myself here. Travelling abroad, and interacting with so many diverse cultures, have taught me a whole lot of values. Most of all, travel has helped me in my career and for my business and it has become truly my passion to use that knowledge from over 85 countries around the world to help you in your career or your business.

Through the Travel section of my blog, I will share all things marketing and business related to the travel and hospitality industry, in addition, to share with you stories and tips related to working abroad, building a business abroad, how to reach an audience from specific continents, business practices from different cultures and much more!

Multidisciplinary & Hands-on experience

There is a reason why during these past 15 years I’ve built a strong portfolio of brand experience. Anybody can coach, anybody can suggest plans but not everyone can apply and execute plans. How I’ve been successful is due to my hands-on experience on many execution aspects of marketing from designing artwork, copywriting, print production to programming.

Tools & Web Languages: I have full proficiency with the Adobe Creative Suite, mostly with Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro. Knowledge in coding webpages in HTML/CSS/PHP language and work with website platforms & functions such as WordPress, FTP, Cpanel, MySQL, etc.
Asset: Strong Understanding of digital production costs, timelines & processes.

Social Media connoisseur & innovator user: As a user of several Social Media networks, I like to try all the new Social Media App from all around the world, including apps from China, to understand them. I am also a successful blogger with high organic reach with AdventureFaktory.com.
Asset: Creating effective Influencer Campaigns, Social Media Strategies & Creative Content. Understanding how to get successful KPIs and reach the right audience.

Original Content Creator: Create appropriate content based on consumer insights, market trends and relevant key content pillars. Also Nikon Middle East and Africa Z Series Creator (Ambassador Team).
Asset: Brainstorming and Developing creative projects from scratch that stands out & breathes of innovation.

How I can help YOU grow your business online

I help companies to develop their marketing strategies

  • Market Research & Competitive Reports to get valuable insights
  • Create an engaged audience through strong storytelling (Branding + Social)
  • Build effective 360 Marketing Plans, Digital & Social Strategies (Strategic Planning ATL+BTL)
  • Map out the Communications Ecosystem (web, social, newsletter, partnerships, etc)
  • Build Influencer Marketing Campaigns & matching the right KOLs with the right brands

Support & Coach Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Small Businesses to set up their Marketing

  • Social Media: Strategy, Management, Advertising, Content Calendars & Content Creation
  • Influencer Marketing (Strategy + Execution)
  • Help Influencers and Entrepreneurs to build their presences online
  • Website creation& WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation: Graphic Design, Photography & Videography

Finding new business opportunities around the world

  • Assisting companies to expand (Market Entry Strategy)
  • Prospecting for new distribution channels + Import/Export opportunities
  • Market Research
  • Understanding of Marketing and Communications for several markets: North America, Quebec, UK, France, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, China

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