Hello, I’m Thuymi.

I’m a 17-year experienced marketer turned into social media guru and influencer marketing educator. I teach businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance their brand, connect with the right audience/aggregator and market themselves online. My passion is to motivate others to do more of what they love in order to pursue a career and life that makes them happy.

I’ve been working around North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia markets in Digital Marketing and Social Media, with a successful travel blog on the side based out of Dubai and Singapore. I strive to merge my love for travel, wellness, creativity and marketing into helping others to transform their passions into a sustainable online business.

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Why Travel is so important for me, and in business in general…

Travelling abroad and interacting with so many diverse cultures, has taught me a whole lot of values. Most of all, travel will help you in your career and/or your business.

Travel will teach you to pay attention to others, for instance, to their local customs and norms. Small details that may not matter back home for you might mean the world to someone else in another country. My favourite example is in many Asian cultures if you are given a business card, it’s considered polite to have a look and study it for a few seconds before putting it away. On this space, I want you to be able to travel through my precious experiences around the world to take away business and marketing insights to enhance your ideas and projects.

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Coaching, Consultancy, Content Production and much more…

Independently, I coach individuals to grow their side-hustles or small businesses and how to market themselves online. I also work on project-based consultancy in agency procurement or to build/enhance businesses’ marketing activities from BTL or ATL.

I also work closely on projects through the boutique agency I co-founded, KontentFaktory, in which we specialize in Travel, Hospitality and Health & Wellness projects with a talented team of writers, photographers, content creators and marketers.

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