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"Thuymi made her personal presence felt by managing and driving the agency's social media presence. She consistently demonstrated great initiative and was able to build a character and personality for the agency that transcended across the globe. I very much appreciated her efforts and her ability to give a big voice to a small, talented agency. "

− Karen See Chief, Communications Officer at DDB Group Asia Pacific

"Some people hire based on experience. Others, based on potential. I hired Thuymi based on potential she expressed through her multifaceted creative talent, her amazing attitude towards life and a raw energy one rarely comes by. And not only did she prove me right, but she demonstrated the unique quality of uncovering potential in others and in the projects she is made responsible for. "

− Pierre Bernard Dow-Blanchet, Vice President at Cohésion Stratégies

"I've known her to be a dynamic personality that brings a lot of energy and great work to the table. Being social is at her core, and is evident in her super active digital and real-time life! She is a social influencer in her own right, taking the initiative to be the first to discover and spread awesome things so -- if it doesn't fly with Thuymi, chances are that they won't fly at all!"

− Celine Esguerra, Senior Strategic Planner at JWT Vietnam

"Working with Thuy Mi was enjoyable and effective. She has a good digital knowledge and social media + corporate communication skills spiced up by an innovative creative thinking."

− Arianna Cacciamani, Senior Account Manager at DDB Group Vietnam
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