Number 1 Project

Marketing Objectives: Build brand engagement and loyalty / Increase market share and sales volumes / Effectively deliver the key message of the brand Improve the brand image

Digital Objectives: Launch and run digital activities to leverage the Everyday Hero TVC / Increase consumer engagement and brand awareness / Create excitement about the product benefit and image and increase sales volume

Target: 19-29 ABCD, Skew to Male Urban and rural, Nationwide Focus: 6 major cities / Digitally Savvy, Active on Mobile, Social, Educated

Requirements: Mobile app


Strategy : Cam Ward, Jeremie Braun, Thuy Mi
Account : Trung Nguyen
Creative Director : Jeremie Braun
Social : Trung Nguyen
Art Director : Nguyen Cao Tri


Option 1: Be the Hero. We ask users to show their inner hero. Using the app, users can show their Hero Energy by making an interactive video.

A mobile application and social platform created to enhance user interaction with the brand and build a community around No. 1 based on an emotional insight.

Option 2: Become the local hero of Vietnam by giving out your energy.

We create an app for people to calculate their energy expenses. The more energy they give out the more they will help out the community and be considered as heroes.

Option 1

Option 2

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