Natrel Organic Campaign

The CloudRaker strategic and creative team attacked the brief in 3 ways, The Problem, The Fix and The Campaign.

The Problem
Compared to some other organic milk brands that are 100% organic dedicated, Natrel has a disadvantage: only a very small portion of the company’s milk is actualy organic. Natrel is not an organic brand but only has organic milk as part of its products.

The Fix
Create a differentiation for Natrel as a brand that embraces the values of the organic movement and helps its consumers to do the same. Natrel might not be 100% organic, but it is 100% committed to making a positive contribution to the movement.

The Campaign
Natrel Organic wants to celebrate the things that we do, in our own way, to make the world a little more organic, and to encourage everyone to do a little bit more good. Because the little things can have a massive impact on our food supply, and the entire planet.


Director of Strategy : Pierre-Bernard Dow-Blanchet
Strategist : Gigi Huynh
Accounts : Genevieve Carrier, Amélie St-Pierre 
Creative Director : Christina Brown
Art Director : Bruno Florin
English Copywriter : Heather Brodie
French Copywriter : Anne-Laure Naumowicz

My role was to insure that the campaign is meeting the KPI’s set for the campaign. Managing the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram communities by interacting with the consumers. Collect data for the campaign reports. Research and list blogs that can be relevant for the campaign to leverage the bloggers outreach tactic to gain awareness. Brainstorming on prizes for the winners. ordering and shipping them.

Campaign videos


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