Natrel Egg Nog Campaign

Natrel is a Canadian diary cooperative that launched a new product during the holidays time: Egg Nog milk.

Objectives : Gain awareness & generate trial of the new Natrel Egg Nog Milk.

Insights : With Egg Nog, people either loves it or hate it.

The Idea : Create a fictional character to engage with the future audience. This creation is a Grinch of Egg Nog taking over the Natrel Facebook and challenges the consumers to make her love Egg Nog.

My role was to manage the entries of the campaign. Arrange logistics in order to order and deliver prizes for the participants & selected winners. Manage part of the community on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Gather data so the team can prepare case studies and analyse the campaign results.

Watch the Case Study Video for more details!


Director of Strategy : Pierre-Bernard Dow-Blanchet
Strategist : Gigi Huynh
Accounts : Genevieve Carrier, Amélie St-Pierre 
Creative Director : Christina Brown
Art Director : Bruno Florin
English Copywriter : Heather Brodie
French Copywriter : Anne-Laure Naumowicz

Facebook fans increase
People reached
Fan interaction rate
original egg nog suggestions

Case Study Video

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