BIDV Bank Digital Branding & Social Media Campaign

Problem: How to start from scratch and make BIDV break through the cluster?

Key Message : Share opportunities, share success

Insights : Customers are not attracted by product/brand-centric information. All other banks’ Facebook pages focus on dull, plain product-related content -> not interactive enough for customers

Objectives : Do something different from other banks & increase social media subscription (Facebook likes)

The strategy : Have a human tone Content that is too much about the brand and looks written by a robot drives away the audience, while a distinct voice will draw them in

The Idea

We created a character that represents the new identity of the brand. He is the friendly, stylish and modern man, but also helpful to the consumers as a person.He also shares with you quotes or successful stories whenever you hunger for inspiration. More than an advisor, he is also your friend who understands and listens to your concerns. Whenever you need, he will always be there.

We wanted to create a character that would takeover the Facebook page so people liking BIDV feel like they are following a human that is entertaining, not just any bank.


Account Director : Quyen Le
Lead Art Director : Dang Tran
Creative : Bao Hung Vu, Ngoc Bao Vuong
Content team : Thao Hua, Ha Phuong Nguyen,Dinh Nguyen Viet Khanh

Role: Come up with an effective engagement Strategy to start up and build a page with no fans.

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